Japan b. 1954

Etsuko Oide's preferred material is paper, a medium that has accompanied hersince childhood in Japan through traditional art forms such as calligraphy andorigami. Using paper as her medium, Oide creates three-dimensional works thatplay with light and shadow, formed by repetitions of shapes emerging from thepaper. These three-dimensional compositions are crafted by Oide through play andexperimentation, with the title of the works, Kamiasobi, also referencing the play ofpaper.

Born and raised on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, Etsuko Oide has been residingin Denmark since 2006. She has a 2-year art education from Sundsgården inSweden and had her first solo exhibition in 1980. Afterward, she pursued graphicdesign and worked in the field, having her own design firm in Tokyo from 1990 to2006 before relocating to Denmark. Today, Etsuko Oide is based and works inCopenhagen where she has her own atelier.

Artistic Education

1978 - Aesthetics and Art - Sundsgaarden Sweden1980 - Graphic Design - Polehemskolan Sweden

Solo and International Exhibitions

Solo exhibition GalleriV58 Danmark 2023
Art fair Affordable art Hamburg, Germany 2023
Art fair Affordable art Hamburg, Germany 2022
Edge International, Tokyo Japan 2019
Edge International, Tokyo Japan 2013
Internationale ECWS Genova, Italy 2012Romelegaarden Sommarsalong by jury Sweden 2009

Group Exhibitions: Gallerie Lorien

Christmas Galla 2023