HB Nielsen (SE)

Born 1987 , Sweden.

H.B. Nielsen’s collage-like compositions are marked by the distinct contrast of naive and intricate styles, usually side by side in the same work. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, Nielsen weaves together elements of tattoo- and pop culture, mythology, literature, and personal experiences to construct poetic visual narratives. Nielsen works on paper, canvas, and skin as a tattooer. His art employs a grayscale palette as it invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where the written word becomes an integral part.

Nielsen made his institutional debut at Art Museum Brands in Odense, Denmark in 2014.

Several of his works appeared in the group show “Tattoos: from Maritime Heroes to World Art” and a photograph of Nielsen’s work was made cover art for a book on the exhibition and its artists.

Outside of the art world, he has done several collaborations with international companies, ranging from making drawings for Penguin Random House to appearing in filmed ads for Arctic Paper.

H.B. Nielsen currently has three original works on paper on view at Gallerie Lorien in Copenhagen.

Group Exhibitions:

Gentleman Trio 2023