Hedda Hondon Raa

b. 1974

HHR has been drawing and painting (and combining the two) since 2008. She lives both in Copenhagen and outside of Kalundborg by the seaside of Western Zealand where she produces art out of her workspace Gallery HHR.
In the beginning of 2023 she started bringing the result to public display.
She produces art in the same manor as she lives and vice versa; according to,  and inspired by, the natural physicality of her existence as well as that of her surroundings.
HHR’s expression/technique has been referred to as being related to the American Neoexpressionism and with the street-spontaneity of graffiti painting. With cursory inflicted strokes in strong colors, or black and white,she makes potent abstract shapes of faces that she calls‘Globe Heads’ and shapes of animals titled ‘Other Animals’, as derived from the often omitted notion that humans are animals too.
She has always used whichever material she had most readily at hand such as wooden boards, chairs, tables, walls, freezers, lamps, furniture and so on, using acrylic paint, markers and spray paint as well as some oil paint and sticks.
From a strong personal conviction that art should facilitate liveliness and human connection, live performance with drawing and painting in collaboration with poets and musicians plays a large part in her creative output.

Group Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien

Christmas Galla 2023