Denmark b. 1979

In her narrative embroideries and embroidered portraits, Stinne Bogh uses self-taught techniques from embroidery and applique to bring life to her subjects. Most of her works revolve around themes of horror and feminism, and Stinne uses any medium she can to make the image work – from bleaching the fabric to painting to knitting or layering fabrics for dimensionality. Stinne Bogh is always looking for new ways to push the dimensionality of the fabric, making interactive embroideries that can move or reveal hidden messages.Stinne Bogh grew up as a “third culture kid” in Lima, Hastings, and Caracas, and does not remember a time or place in her life when she wasn’t drawing or painting. She has tried every medium at her disposal, be it sculpting or oil paints or decoupage or sewing, working on large scale pieces or miniatures. Textile art felt like a natural evolution; the thrilling challenge of making a portrait come to life through delicate stitches combined with the legacy of centuries of women making art that was deemed less valuable than the fine arts of men.
Solo exhibitions:
TUX CPH ”Fortællinger i tråd” november 2020Galleri Øckenlund “Narrative Broderier” august 2021Det Andet Galleri ”Morbide broderier” februar 2022

Group Exhibitions: Gallerie Lorien

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